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 ** NEW Featured Treatment **

Piña Colada Mega Moisture Body Wrap  55 minutes $129.00

You’ll feel like you are being dipped in tropical, coconutty, pineapply refreshment. Take your dry, flaky, itchy skin to the tropics for moisture filled skin rejuvenation! Our exclusive treatment is the perfect way to reduce stress, calm your mind and enrich your skin. Our Mega Moisture goes on like silk and leaves the skin hydrated, and dewy soft, with a radiant glow. While you are swaddled in warm blankets, the natural gardenia scent eases tension, lifts mood and inspires the feeling of wellness.

Our Mega Moisture Monoi products were created for those who have serious dry skin.  They do what no other products have been proved to do – provide lasting hydration and true repair of the skin's TEWL (trans epidermal water loss).  Mega Moisture body products are shown to out perform even petroleum jelly at moisturizing the skin.  You get the heavenly scent of 100% Tahitian Monoi in all-natural body products with advanced skin repair. 

Book your body’s tropical mini-vacation!